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1. Podcasts, Click Pod Cast Web links.pdf

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​2. Video on Rethinking Life after Death, by Bishop N.T.Wright

To view, Click Here

3. Video on Why Christian Character Matters, by Bp. N.T. Wright

To View, Click Here

4. Video on the Eucharist, by Bishop Michael Curry

 To View, Click​​Here​

5. Yale University courses on the Old and New Testaments

To Get into the Yale website click Here


6. Video and Audio lectures from the Great Courses Compamny

These lectures require a few steps to enter: 

1. Click Here to get started, then...

2. Click on the My Digital Library bar near the top of the page,

3. Enter the following user name and password: 

User Name:

Password: CC3514

You will see then see the courses offered. Click on the course you want to listen to.

C​ourses of interest that you will find when you follow the instructions above are:

​Sacred Texts of the World, by Grant Hardy Ph.D., Yale University

Science and Religion, by Dr. Lawrence Principle, John Hopkins University

Dante's Divine Comedy, by Dr. William Cook and Dr. Ronald Herzman